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As a Member of the Senedd, my role is to listen to your concerns and hold the Welsh Government to account on its devolved responsibilities.


The Welsh Government is responsible for a wide variety of issues in Wales, the running of our Welsh NHS, Road infrastructure and the quality of our rivers are just a few examples, and I want to hear what you think of how Wales is being run.


I want to know what you think about Labour’s running of our NHS in Wales, what you think of the new 20mph speed limit, and if Wales should have its own COVID-19 inquiry.


So please let me know what you think by filling out my survey so I can hear your voice, your concerns and your priorities.

Have Your Say

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How do you feel about the Welsh Government's policy of implementing a default 20mph speed limit across Monmouthshire?
How have your journeys been affected by the new 20mph speed limit?
Labour and Plaid Cymru have plans to increase the number of Senedd members from 60 to 96 costing an estimated £100 million. How do you feel about these plans?
What is your main concern in the NHS? (please pick ONE)
Has your access to GP appointments improved over the last 12 months?
How has your experience been of the Welsh NHS in the last 12 months?
Which THREE of the following Welsh Government responsibilities are most important to you?
How do you feel about the future of the Welsh Parliament?
Do you think the Welsh Government is doing enough to help local businesses?
Do you think the Welsh Government is doing enough to protect the cleanliness and biodiversity of our local rivers?